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Communauté d'Agglomération Rhône Alpilles Durance

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Communauté d'Agglomération Rhône Alpilles Durance


Welcome to Val de Provence

10 towns welcome and invite you to discover their territory : Val de Provence

« Between the sea, the Durance and the Rhône River, God knows how life is good here »

You will be astonished by its intensity … !!

History still pervades in Val de Provence, a region adorned with architectural gems and which managed to preserve all its character, its mystery and its traditions. All year round, the region celebrates its soil and crafts through a colourful procession of festivities. Provençal conviviality can also be experienced every day. Here, people take the time to stroll around or to relax in the shade of the plane trees. In a word, they take the time to live !

You will be astonished by its savours and its fragrances … !

The hills covered with almond and olive trees, pines and cypresses exhale all the Mediterranean perfumes. Thyme and rosemary plunge visitors into a feast of fragrances which become savours on the stalls of the Provençal markets. Here, one can find all the herbs standing at the root of the secrets of Provençal cooking, together with the fruits and vegetables which give their wonderful colours to regional specialities. In Val de Provence, pleasures of the eyes are always connected to pleasures of good food…

You will be astonished by its colours … !

Filled with light and bathed with sun, the Provençal countryside is rich in colour.

Tiny village with narrow twisted lanes hide among orchards where the Rhône and the Durance rivers meet. Here, stone is warmed by the sun. The yellow and red façades of the farms hold bright-coloured treasures like almond green or Provençal blue shutters and Provençal fabrics…

A territory expressing all the colours of life !

One day will definitely not be enough to discover all these treasures. Here you are in Val de Provence : stay with us ! After all, Louis XIV, François 1st, Richelieu, Benoît XIII, and Pope Urbain V went there before you !